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John Bandler is a lawyer and consultant for cybersecurity, cybercrime and privacy, a speaker, trainer, and author.

Improve your organization's cybersecurity program to better protect, comply, and achieve the mission.

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John Bandler: Lawyer, consultant, speaker

In private practice since 2015 after serving in government for over 20 years, John has extensive experience in cybersecurity, cybercrime investigation, privacy, governance, and criminal justice.

He can help your improve your organization's cybersecurity program to better protect from cybercrime, comply with legal requirement, and achieve your mission.

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Bandler Law Firm PLLC & Bandler Group LLC

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  • Journalists and Media who desire insight on cybersecurity, privacy, cybercrime, crime, law, and criminal justice.
  • Any person seeking reliable information on cyberlaw, cybersecurity, privacy, cybercrime, policies and procedures, or law (for my students too).
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