John Bandler: Lawyer, consultant, author, speaker, teacher

John Bandler: Lawyer, consultant, author, speaker, teacher

John Bandler is a lawyer and consultant, author of two books and many articles, a speaker and teacher.

On this site you can find information about:

  • My services
  • Law
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cybercrime
  • Privacy
  • Bandler Law Firm PLLC & Bandler Group LLCLearning resources (for my students and anyone trying to learn)
  • My books, articles, and online courses.

My services

I work with organizations and individuals to improve cybersecurity, protect from cybercrime, improve management of information assets.

  • Improve cybersecurity.
  • Plan and protect against cybercrime and other problems.
  • Improve management of information assets (computers, data, and networks). Good cybersecurity requires good management, planning, and decision making. This means better compliance, less problems, less cybercrime, more efficiency.
  • Investigate, respond, and mitigate after cybercrime and other negative events.
  • Privacy.

I offer a wide array of services as either an attorney or consultant, learn more about me and my capabilities. Or get started on your own with the resources on this site and my books.

Site resources

This site has a large amount of helpful and free information, including about cybersecurity, cybercrime, law, governance (policies and procedures), law enforcement, anti-money laundering, government, and other topics. My articles present information clearly for a wide audience, even when about complicated topics. I am the author of two books, but here I get to write shorter articles and keep improving and updating them.

See the website menu and buttons to navigate the site, or click these links to access about me, services, books, articles, and online courses.

Need Help?

Plan and prepare today and improve cybersecurity to prevent a problem tomorrow.

Today's problems can be investigated and addressed properly.

What's new

New course on corporate security policies at Infosec Institute. See my page on Five Components for Policy Work