Books by John Bandler

I have written two books, Cybercrime Investigations (with co-author Antonia Merzon) and Cybersecurity for the Home and Office. All of them had lots of help from expert readers, and are available for purchase at many outlets, including Amazon, through the publishers, and more.   (To see a list of my articles, click here).

Cybercrime Investigations:
A Comprehensive Resource for Everyone. 

By John Bandler and Antonia Merzon

This book provides a comprehensive view of cybercrime and how to investigate it, giving any investigator the knowledge and tools to work on these cases. All cybercrime can and should be investigated, and this book shows how and why.

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Cybersecurity for the Home and Office:
The Lawyer's Guide to Taking Charge of Your Own Information Security

by John Bandler

This book helps everyone take charge of their cybersecurity, learn the underlying principles and then how to implement security measures, at home and in the worplace. This guidance is suitable for any individual, family, and small business.

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