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I have written many articles on several topics, including cybercrime, cybersecurity, virtual currency (digital currency or cryptocurrency), money laundering, plants, and more. Many articles here are short and blog type, ideal for providing introductory information to a wide audience. It is nice to publish here when I want and have it available for my own reference, for students, clients, and you.

I try to keep things updated but some of the articles are older, laws and circumstances change, and I am not perfect. None of these articles are legal or consulting advice that are tailored for you. Many express my opinion and personal perspective.

If you don't see an article listed below, try your search engine or my site navigation page. Don't forget my two books, "Cybercrime Investigations", and "Cybersecurity for the Home and Office". Some of these articles are also hosted at but won't be as current and may lack some formatting details.

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