Articles by John Bandler

I have written articles that are externally published and that are found within this site. Main topics include:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Cybercrime
  • Privacy
  • Polices and procedures
  • Virtual currency (digital currency and cryptocurrency)
  • Law
  • More.

I write these various articles for reading by anyone to get reliable information and for me to share my research, thoughts, and perspective. They can be helpful for:

  • Clients and potential clients
  • Students of mine (whether undergraduate, graduate, law school, or other learning platform)
  • Attendees at a speaking engagement or training
  • Anyone seeking reliable information

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Many articles here are short and blog type, ideal for providing introductory information to a wide audience. It is nice to have this site to publish here when I want, improve it, and have it available for my own reference, for students, clients, and you.

I try to keep things updated but that is not always perfect.

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Cybersecurity, cybercrime, privacy, technology

Governance and management of information assets and organizations

Law (Introductory)

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Miscellaneous topics

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While I try to keep this page and most articles updated that is a process. Some articles (including externally published articles) do not get updated at all, laws and circumstances change, and time is limited. None of these articles are legal or consulting advice and nothing is tailored to your circumstances. Some express my opinion and personal perspective.

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