Paper Presentation Discussion Assignment

by John Bandler

This page is about the course paper presentation discussion assignment. By now, you have already submitted a paper topic and outline and are pulling your paper together in preparation for the final paper submission.

This discussion assignment is about sharing your work with the class and practicing your presentation skills.

If speaking or presenting causes you stress, you are not alone, and know that practice makes it easier.

Word document with instructions

This Word document has instructions on creating your presentation for the class.

Download this document and review the instructions:

Instructions in a nutshell

Here are the main takeaways:

  • Create a slide deck (be light on text, keep the focus on you the speaker)
  • Practice your presentation
  • Create a video/audio of your presentation, going straight through as if you were live in front of the class
  • Keep to the 3 minute time limit! (Yes, I know this is hard)
  • Create a post/thread, upload your presentation
  • Share your research and knowledge with the class
  • Preparing your presentation helps you learn
  • Preparing and delivering your presentation helps you practice those important skills also
  • Keep it informative, interesting, and within the time limit (all students have to view all presentations)
  • Read all of your classmate's postings. Reply substantively and constructively to all of them.
  • More instructions in the above document and in class
  • This presentation is an important part of the course. Please put good effort into it and see points awarded.

Other links

Watch me walk through these instructions in a short video

The video should be embedded below, if not you can find it on YouTube via this link

Posted 8/15/2022 based on years of teaching. Updated 9/14/2022