Final Paper Assignment

by John Bandler

This page is about the final paper assignment, where you submit your final paper.

By now, you have already submitted a paper topic and outline, and presented it to the class, and we have discussed this throughout the semester. It is now time to submit your final paper

1. Word document with instructions

This Word document has instructions on creating your presentation for the class.

Download this document and review the instructions:

2. Instructions in a nutshell

Put in your best efforts. Learning takes place with the effort, and you will learn about your topic and the process of researching, writing, and editing.

Proofread your work, and see the instructions above and my links below, including the checklist.

3. Writing resources include

4. Research resources include

  • Course book
  • Syllabus materials
  • This website
  • Laws, statutes, regulations, cases (case law)
  • Reliable sources, experts
  • The school's library

5. Places you have already been and don't need to go back to

Posted 8/15/2022 based on years of teaching. Updated 8/17/2022