by John Bandler

Writing is an important skill that every person needs, and every person can improve upon.

Writing is an important method of communication we use for:

  • Signs
  • Email
  • School assignments and papers
  • Professional communication, correspondence, and presentations
  • Governance documents, policies, procedures, and more

Writing is important enough that I devoted a chapter to it in my book on Policies and Procedures, and emphasize it in the courses I teach.

Writing is about the journey and process

Writing is not just about your final product that you submit, it is about the journey and the process.

It is about researching, thinking, writing, editing, and more writing and editing.

Unfortunately some people are tempted by writing shortcuts. Maybe they use artificial intelligence (AI) to generate something for them, they copy something they found somewhere else, or they hire someone else to do it while pretending it is their own work. These shortcuts can result in a deficient product, embarrassment, and ensure the writer never builds the skills and confidence they need.

Writing is building and creating a work

Imagine building a house, and how the house is made up of many smaller components. It also requires some planning so that the layout makes sense, and the building proceeds in the correct order.

The planning and components of our writings may include things like this:

  • Title
  • Table of contents/outline
  • Document
    • Letters, punctuation.
    • Words
    • Sentences
    • Paragraphs
      • Bullet points occasionally
    • Sections

Think about these things as you edit and revise:

  • Message and clarity
  • Readability
  • Length (not too long, not too short)
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Different readers, different backgrounds, different levels of familiarity
  • My policy checklist
  • My writing submission checklist

Writing is not just about the final product that you submit, it is about the journey and the process. The thought you put into it along the way.

My writing analogies

You see I used the building analogy above - I like it. Here's that and some others.

Building a house:

  • Planning
  • Some things in order
  • Rough work
  • Fine detail work (paint and curtains)

A journey, perhaps a marathon

  • Plan and see the finish line
  • Cover some distance every day/week
  • Pass through milestones
  • Walk a little every day/week (you don't have to run)
  • Get to the finish line

Creating a sculpture

  • Rough work first (chainsaw, jackhammer)
  • Other rough work with a rough chisel
  • Finer chisel
  • Rough raspy file
  • Fine file
  • Coarse sandpaper
  • Fine sandpaper
  • Apply a finish


Writing is not just about the final product that you submit, it is about the journey and the process.

Build yourself and your organization with solid effort and following solid principles.

If your organization needs help with improving its internal documentation and policies and procedures, feel free to contact me.

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Originally posted 2/11/2024, updated 3/25/2024.