Book: Policies and Procedures for Your Organization

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Build solid governance documents on any topic ... including cybersecurity

By John Bandler

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Organizations need some rules. Sometimes those rules need to be written down. That’s what policies, procedures, and other governance documents are for. They are an essential part of management.

If we are going to have written rules like policies in our organization, they should be effective, clear, practical, and serve their purposes.

They should help us comply with legal requirements and accomplish the mission.

Organization members should know, understand, and follow those rules.

If they are cybersecurity policies, they should also help protect us.

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This book:

  • Helps you and your organization build solid governance documents.
  • Is for any type of organization (for-profit, nonprofit, government).
  • Is for any topic of governance document.
  • Helps you apply the Five Components of Policy Work so your organization properly complies, protects itself, and accomplishes the mission.
  • Dedicated chapters and sections on cybersecurity, including the Four Pillars of Cybersecurity.
  • Helps you better manage and lead the organization.

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Uses for the book

  • Professional reference for policy writers, managers, executives, owners, consultants, attorneys
  • Coursebook for training or learning on policy writing and business management
  • Looks great on a shelf -- people will know you mean business on policy work
  • Works OK as a paperweight or door stop (get the hardcover for this purpose because the paperback cover will not hold up as well)
  • In your "go bag" or desert island bookshelf because the red cover can help you signal for help (hardcover will be more durable)
  • Insomnia mitigation reading
  • Reading for fun (another joke - this is a book on policies after all - but the style is informal and readable).

Choose your version

Choose the version suitable for you:

  • Paperback, $19.95, 978-1963435009
    • Great value, you get a book you can hold and leaf through and make notes in
    • Beautiful red cover
    • Display it in your bookcase
    • Includes some blank notes pages at the end for you
    • Ships quickly
    • Remains your own book on your own shelf (even if you lose your electronic devices, your Amazon online account, or if the apocalypse comes)
  • Hardcover ("hardback"): $29.95, 978-1-963435023
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    • The red durable cover means this can double as a signal flag or door stop
    • Check delivery times - this version seems to take a little longer to ship
    • As with the paperback
      • Includes some blank notes pages at the end for you
      • Display it on your bookcase
      • Remains your book on your shelf (even if you lose your electronic devices, or Amazon online account)
  • eBook: $9.95, 978-1-963435016
    • Great if you like eBooks
    • The diagrams display in color for this eBook version (assuming your e-reader can handle that)
    • Get access instantly
    • Takes up zero physical space
    • Via Amazon Kindle
    • Read free via Kindle Unlimited (for a limited time perhaps).

Table of Contents of the book 

  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgements

Part 1: A foundation for better policies and management

  1. Why policies and how to use this book
  2. The Five Components explained
  3. Internal rules
  4. Mission
  5. External rules
  6. Practice and action
  7. External guidance

Part 2: Document project basics

  1. The ideal documents
  2. Project management basics
  3. Planning, shmanning (no time to plan)
  4. Document project planning basics
  5. People

Part 3: Planning, writing, and finalizing your policies

  1. Document project steps
  2. Analyzing the five for your organization
  3. Writing
  4. Managing the documents
  5. Gaining approval and finalizing
  6. Publication, training, implementation

Part 4:  Cybersecurity policy work

  1. Cybersecurity external rules
  2. Cybersecurity external guidance
  3. Four Pillars of Cybersecurity

Part 5: Use and maintain your new policies

  1. Use, maintain, review, update

Part 6: Conclusion and Resources (Appendix)

  1. Conclusion
  2. Glossary
  3. References and additional reading
  4. Policy checklist
  5. Quick start guide
  6. My journey to write this book
  7. Index

Within the book are over 30 diagrams to help illustrate important points. The diagrams are black and white in the print versions, and color for the eBook version.

Details and ISBN

  • Title: Policies and Procedures for Your Organization: Build solid governance documents on any topic ... including cybersecurity
  • Author and Publisher: John Bandler
  • 1st Edition, 2024
  • Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) 2024903943
    • First edition ISBNs (2024, current edition)
    • Paperback, $19.95, ISBN 9781963435009
    • Hardcover ("hardback"): $29.95, ISBN 9781963435023
    • eBook: $9.95, ISBN 9781963435016

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