Online Courses by John Bandler

I have created some online courses that are available via the Udemy platform and Infosec Skills (a Cengage company) platform.

Here they are in sum:

  • Udemy online coursesJohn Bandler’s courses at Udemy on Law, Cyberlaw, Cybersecurity, Privacy, Learning, and more coming. for almost anyone
    • Introduction to Law
    • IAPP CIPP/US certification prep for lawyers and law students
    • How to learn, study, take an exam, write, and research (free for now)
    • Cybersecurity (free for now)
    • Cyberlaw (free for now)
  • Infosec Institute online courses for cybersecurity professionalsCoupon Code BANDLER50 Infosec Skills, a Cengage company
    • IAPP CIPP/US certification prep for infosec professionals (Certified Information Privacy Professional, US)
    • Corporate Security Policies
  • This page is about online learning platforms at Udemy and Infosec. For students enrolled in one of my online courses at a college or university, see here.

Check for coupon codes.

  • Udemy coupon codes may be available from me or Udemy and prices fluctuate so check to get yourself the best deal.
  • Infosec 50% off coupon code is available - use BANDLER50

More details on the courses below.

Udemy coursesJohn Bandler’s courses at Udemy on Law, Cyberlaw, Cybersecurity, Privacy, Learning, and more coming.

Udemy is a learning platform where anyone can build a course, and anyone can take a course.

Remember to check for periodic coupon codes. If you are a current or past student of mine at an academic institution, contact me for a free coupon code.

See My Udemy courses for more on these courses there, including coupon codes.

Links to the courses on Udemy (no coupon code attached)

Infosec Institute online coursesCoupon Code BANDLER50 Infosec Skills, a Cengage company

I created two courses for information security professionals which are hosted on the Infosec Institute platform ( part of Cengage Group).

Use my coupon code BANDLER50 (case sensitive!) for fifty percent off your first purchase of either a one month or one year subscription.

Privacy, CIPP/US

An online course of privacy, privacy law (and cybersecurity law) and to help people prepare for the CIPP/US certification (Certified Information Privacy Professional, US). Even if you are not pursuing the certification, it is a great course on privacy and cybersecurity law.

It is about 15 hours of content with additional resources and practice questions.

Security policies and procedures

This course is is about how to plan and build quality policies and security documents that work, protect the organization, help accomplish the mission, and comply with legal requirements. It is built around my Five Components for Policy Work concept.

It's about 13.5 hours of content with additional resources.

Access the Infosec courses

You can try my courses at Infosec (and all the others) free for 7 days with no obligation.

Use my discount code of "BANDLER50" and get 50% off your purchase.

Your monthly or annual subscription includes access to their entire learning library.

Articles and links re Infosec and CIPP/US

If you are taking one of my courses at a formal academic institution, including online-only courses at a college or graduate school, be sure to see the learning management system (LMS) resources and my Course Resources.  LMS platforms include Blackboard, Canvas, Brightspace (D2L, "Classes") and whatever your school is using or migrates to next.

I have been teaching at the undergraduate, graduate, and law school level since about 2017, at several different academic institutions and across many learning management systems (LMS). To streamline all of this I have built many resources on this site to support students and my teaching.


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