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I have created some online courses that are available via the Infosec Skills platform and Udemy platform.

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Infosec Institute online coursesInfosec CIPP US landing page

I created two courses for information security professionals which are hosted on the Infosec Institute platform (now part of Cengage Group).

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Privacy, CIPP/US

I created an online course of privacy, privacy law (and cybersecurity law) and to help people prepare for the CIPP/US certification (Certified Information Privacy Professional, US). Even if you are not pursuing the certification, it is a great course on privacy and cybersecurity law.

It is about 15 hours of content with additional resources and practice questions.

Click to visit the Infosec landing page for my CIPP/US course.

Security policies and procedures

This course is is about how to plan and build quality policies and security documents that work, protect the organization, help accomplish the mission, and comply with legal requirements. It is built around my Five Components for Policy Work concept.

It's about 13.5 hours of content with additional resources.Infosec Security Policies landing page

Click to visit the Infosec landing page for my Corporate Security Policies course.

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Articles on this site

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Udemy courses

Udemy is a learning platform where anyone can build a course, and anyone can take a course.

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Introduction to LawUdemy Intro Law Bandler Screenshot 2023-01-30

This course is for non-lawyers to learn about law. Every citizen and resident of the U.S. needs to know about law because we are a nation of laws, it is in the news daily, and citizens have important duties to uphold. I break it down into simple terms

It is about 26 lectures of about 7 minutes each, for a total of about three and a half hours. I continually update it.

CIPP/US for law students and lawyers

This is being built and will be available someday.


Custom speaking and training

Contact me to inquire about custom training or speaking for your organization.

Course resources for current students at formal academic institutions

If you are taking one of my courses at a formal academic institution, including online-only courses, be sure to see the learning management system (LMS) resources and my Course Resources.

I have been teaching at the undergraduate, graduate, and law school level since about 2017, at several different academic institutions and across many learning management systems (LMS). As a result I have built many resources on this site to accompany my teaching.

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