Course Resources

by John Bandler

Here are some resources for courses I teach and this page is geared for my students. I teach a variety of courses at many institutions, this helps me get information out to students. These resources are general, please see your course's syllabus and other instructions for details tailored to your course. Good principles scale, whether students are undergraduate, graduate, or law school level. Of course higher levels of work is expected from students at higher levels of education. Consult your syllabus and learning management system (LMS) as well.

General learning, writing and studying

Final paper project

Writing resources

Introductory articles on law

And many others

Things to know


  • Various articles are found on this site, some may be assigned reading, some may be helpful for learning or research
  • Course Resources (this article)
  • Assignments and Grading
  • Weekly assignment instructions Coming Soon

Posted 6/27/2022 based on years of teaching. Updated 1/12/2023