Course Resources

by John Bandler

Here are some resources for courses I teach at formal academic institutions (law school, graduate school, undergraduate school).

This page is geared for my students at those formal academic institutions.

I teach a variety of courses at many institutions, this helps me get information out to students. I use the school's learning management system (LMS), but each school uses a different one and those platforms change and migrate every few years. So this website has helpful supplementary instructions.

These resources are general, so please see your course's syllabus, LMS, and specific instructions for your course. While instructions may be similar for every course, higher levels of work are expected from students at higher levels of education.

Good knowledge and learning principles transcend and scale. Meaning they apply whether students are undergraduate, graduate, or law school level, or have no formal college education at all.

General learning, writing and studying

Final paper project

Writing and research resources

Course administrative misc

Introductory articles on law

Introductory articles on cybercrime

Introductory articles on cybersecurity

Things to know

Other course related

Expanding beyond formal academia

Posted 6/27/2022 based on years of teaching. Updated 8/16/2023.