Things to know

by John Bandler

Here is a page to jump off to other "Things to Know" pages.

"Things to Know" pages have multiple short questions and answers. They are study aids for students and learners. And a place for me to draw quiz and assignment questions from.

The goal is for students to learn important concepts, especially foundational concepts that provide footholds for learning more complex concepts. This is the learning concept of "scaffolding", where you start low, learn basic things so you can build knowledge and get to more complex concepts eventually.

I used to emphasize these things only in class, quizzes, and assignments, but then realized more was needed. By the end of the semester, some students still had not learned some essential concepts or facts.

By providing this study page and linking to it, I find that students have more opportunities to study, which means they learn better and will remember long after the course is over.

Remember, these are all short Q&As and cannot be expected to capture all nuances of terms and concepts. These are a starting place for learning, not your final destination.


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Posted 6/1/2023 based on years of assignments and quizzes. Updated 2/11/2024