Miscellaneous things to know

by John Bandler

  • According to Bandler, the most important thing for your success in the class, in school, and life (however you define success) is your _____________________
    • Effort. With good continual effort, you will keep making progress. Without effort, not so much.
  • According to Bandler, the most important quality when selecting an employee, candidate, or government official is _______________________
    • Ethics (character). If a person has good ethics, they will try to do the right thing for the company, city, state, country, rather than act in personal interest. They will be honest about their beliefs, what happened in the past, and what they intend to do in the future.
  • Having a "growth mindset" means what?
    • Realizing we can continually grow and improve ourselves, no matter where we come from and where we are now. We can learn from mistakes, and learn new skills. We keep trying and putting in effort to do better next time
  • How do we become resistant to propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, and conspiracy theories?
    • Seeking reliable information and facts. Being critical consumers of information, including media and news media. Analyzing facts. Applying logic and reason to develop reasonable conclusions and opinions. Being wary of calls to emotion, anger, and fear.
  • Who is in charge of your learning in this course, school, and life?
    • Your learning in class, in the school, and in life is in your hands.
  • Where should your research start for course related projects?
    • Course materials within the syllabus
  • What skills are important in life?
    • Reading, thinking, analyzing, writing, editing, presenting



Posted 12/12/2022 based on years of teaching. Updated 3/20/2023