Final Paper Project

Final paper project – overview

by John Bandler

This page is about the semester-long final paper project, a phased process.

Over years of teaching I have implemented a phased process to aid my students with the writing process and encourage continual research, editing, and refinement. This provides opportunities for feedback during the semester, and enhances learning before the paper is submitted.

The goal is to improve:

  • Knowledge of the subject matter
  • Research skills
  • Writing and editing skills
  • Presentation skills.

Every person needs these skills, no matter what your major, interests, future job or career. That's why I incorporate a paper into every teaching semester, even though it is a lot of work for me.

Every person, no matter where they are starting from now, should seek to improve their skills. That improvement comes only with practice and effort.

Remember the goals as laid out above (improvement and learning) and please keep them in mind as you work. Also pay attention to various assignment instructions. The result will be self-improvement and an excellent final paper.

Please do not forget the professional and dedicated resources at your school. Library and librarians, writing center, etc. Please check with them and annotate in your references that you have done so.

Below are links with more details on each phase.

The phases

Writing resources include

Research resources include

  • Course book
  • Syllabus materials
  • This website
  • Laws, statutes, regulations, cases (case law)
  • Reliable sources, experts
  • The school's library.

Posted 10/18/2022 based on years of teaching. Updated 10/19/2022