Paper Topic Assignment

by John Bandler

This pertains to the course paper topic assignment. The basics are on this page, with links to more detailed instructions and templates.

1. Word document with template only (limited instructions)

This Word document has a template but very minimal instructions so it looks cleaner and less clutter.

If you choose to use this, download it, build your submission, give it a good filename, and submit.

Paper Topic Assignment TEMPLATE ONLY document link ***

2. Word document with full instructions and templates

This Word document has instructions within it, and has a template. Download it, read the instructions, build your submission, give it a good filename, delete the instructions and submit.

Paper Topic Assignment detailed instructions and template document link ***

3. Paper topic ideas

You get to pick your paper topic. See this Paper Topic Ideas page.

4. Paper topic assignment submission content

As indicated in the above documents:

  • Your submission should have a good filename (e.g. STUDENTNAME PaperTopicAssign 2022-xx-xx.docx)
  • See other instructions
  • Your submission should include a header with your name and then three main components as indicated below.


Paper topic assignment

Name of the Hardworking and Collegial Student

Course Number  LAWCRJ 123

Date [June 22, 2022]

  1. Proposed title

[A wonderful, crisp title that informs the reader about what the paper is about.]

  1. A single paragraph summarizing your proposed paper

[A paragraph of no more than 250 words that is crisp, well proofread and edited, and gives more information to the reader about what the paper is about.]

  1. A list of references you have reviewed thus far

[References you have reviewed]

  1. Any comments or questions for me


5. Paper topic assignment instructions

The instructions are in the Word document above (see #2), I did not copy it here to keep this page clutter free.

6. Writing resources include

Research resources include

  • Course book
  • Syllabus materials
  • This website
  • Laws, statutes, regulations, cases (case law)
  • Reliable sources, experts
  • The school's library

Other links


Posted 6/26/2022 based on years of teaching. Updated 7/26/2022