Paper Topic AssignmentFinal paper project – paper topic assignment

by John Bandler

This page is about the course paper topic assignment, where you get to pick your paper topic, perform initial research, and communicate that to me for my feedback. The basics are on this page, with links to documents with more detailed instructions and a template for your submission.

1. Word document with limited instructions and a template for submission

This Word document has minimal instructions and can be used as a template, it looks cleaner and there is little clutter, and no one will find it intimidating.

Download it, build your submission.

2. Word document with detailed instructions and a template for submission

This Word document has detailed instructions and also can be used a template. While the previous document is probably all you need, also download this and read the more detailed instructions. You could also use this to build your submission.

Yes this is detailed but don't be intimidated by that. Focus on the overall goal of this project.

3. Paper topic ideas

You get to pick your paper topic. See this Paper Topic Ideas page.

4. Instructions and submission content

I provide more detailed instructions elsewhere, but basically:

  • Researching, writing, and editing are important skills. This is your learning opportunity. With your effort you learn.
  • Do research and thought before submission.
  • Have some fun and learn.
  • Move your paper closer to the finish line.
  • You will submit:
  • 1. Proposed title
    • [A wonderful, crisp title that informs the reader about what the paper is about.]
  • 2. A single paragraph summarizing your proposed paper
    • [A paragraph of no more than 250 words that is crisp, well proofread and edited, and gives more information to the reader about what the paper is about.]
  • 3. A list of references you have reviewed thus far
    • [References you have reviewed, including specific laws]
    • [Relevant research notes]
    • [List any consultations with with school library and writing center (including date, time, person consulted)]
    • 4. Any comments or questions for me

5. Effort and grading

As laid out in the instructions, put in good effort. In my marathon analogy, consider submission of the final paper at the end of the semester as completion of the marathon, reaching the finish line. This submission should bring you to mile marker 8. If your topic submission is not far along, you will have further to go for the next steps, and it is harder for me to give helpful feedback.

Do this as if it will be graded and it may be graded. I reserve the right not to issue a grade.

6. Writing resources include

7. Research resources include

  • Course book
  • Syllabus materials
  • This website
  • Laws, statutes, regulations, cases (case law)
  • Reliable sources, experts
  • The school's library

8. Other links

9. Watch me walk through these instructions in a short video

Posted 6/26/2022 based on years of teaching. Updated 10/24/2022