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Law for digital spaces and for information systems

By John Bandler

This book is coming in the future (but maybe not "soon").

I am working on this book. I think it is my next book.

Cyberlaw is about what the law is and how it is applied to the digital domain.

"Cyber" is a buzzword and has been prefixed upon dozens of other words. Cyber basically just means things pertaining to computers, networks, the internet, and data. Cyber is all around us. Law is all around us. So let's examine cyberlaw.

Some people need to learn about cyberlaw. Some just want to. Some colleges and universities want to teach about cyberlaw.

Once upon a time I was a prosecutor investigating and litigating cybercrime cases. Then I went into private practice, working more on cybercrime investigation, plus lots of cybersecurity and privacy. I was asked to teach and build and improve various courses on cybersecurity, cybercrime, cyberlaw, and privacy. I practiced and taught and built and improved lots of material. Then it was time to put it all in a book.

This book:

  • Covers cyberlaw and explains it
  • Will give you a foundation of traditional law (we need it to understand cyberlaw)
  • Can be used as a coursebook
  • Is written simply and in plain language
  • Is priced very reasonably
  • Gives you a foundational and simple layer up front, plus more complex layers, plus references for additional reading and research.

Purchase it online at Amazon Available at Amazon - Policies and Procedures book

  • Coming someday - not available yet
  • Hardcover, $29.95
  • Paperback, $19.95
  • eBook: $9.95

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Uses for the book

  • Learning
  • Coursebook for training or learning on cyberlaw
  • Looks great on a shelf

Choose your version

Choose the version suitable for you:

  • Paperback, $19.95, ISBN TBD
    • Great value, you get a book you can hold and leaf through and make notes in
    • Beautiful blue cover
    • Display it in your bookcase
    • Includes some blank notes pages at the end for you
    • Ships quickly
    • Remains your own book on your own shelf (even if you lose your electronic devices, your Amazon online account, or if the apocalypse comes)
  • Hardcover ("hardback"): $29.95, ISBN TBD
    • Great value for a durable book with a solid, sturdy beautiful blue cover
    • Check delivery times - this version takes a little longer to ship
    • As with the paperback
      • Includes some blank notes pages at the end for you
      • Display it on your bookcase
      • Remains your book on your shelf (even if you lose your electronic devices, or Amazon online account)
  • eBook: $9.95, ISBN TBD
    • Great if you like eBooks
    • The diagrams display in color for this eBook version (assuming your e-reader can handle that)
    • Get access instantly
    • Takes up zero physical space
    • Via Amazon Kindle
    • Read free via Kindle Unlimited (for a limited time perhaps).

Table of Contents of the book 

(Coming someday)


Details and ISBN

  • Title: TBD
  • Author and Publisher: John Bandler
  • 1st Edition, 202X
  • Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) TBD
    • First edition ISBNs (2024, current edition)
    • Paperback, $19.95, ISBN TBD
    • Hardcover ("hardback"): $29.95, ISBN TBD
    • eBook: $9.95, ISBN TBD


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Originally posted 5/23/2024.  Updated 6/6/2024.