Paper Outline AssignmentFinal paper project – paper outline assignment

by John Bandler

This page is about the course paper outline assignment. By now, you have already submitted a paper topic, and received feedback. Now you can incorporate that feedback and continue the process of researching and building your paper, by refining your topic, summary paragraph, creating an outline, and continuing your research.

As before, the basics are on this page, with links to documents with more detailed instructions and a template for your submission. However, I don't think you need the outline template because you can use your prior submission as your template as you refine and improve. Just remember to give it a new filename and incorporate the new requirements.

1. Word document with limited instructions and outline template

This Word document has minimal instructions within it and can be used as a template. But since you have already submitted the paper topic assignment, you can use your prior submission as a template, give it an updated filename, keep improving it, and add the outline.

Download this document and check it out and decide whether to use it as a template (probably better to use your prior submission as a template).

2. Word document with more detailed instructions and outline template

This Word document has more detailed instructions and also can be used as a template (again, probably better to use your prior submission as a template).

Download this document so you have the instructions.

3. Paper outline instructions

I provide more detailed instructions elsewhere, but basically:

  • Researching, writing, and editing are important skills. This is your learning opportunity.
  • Do research and thought before submission.
  • Refine your prior submission. Don't rest on your laurels, it can be improved.
  • Have some fun and learn.
  • You will submit:
  • 1. Title
    • [A wonderful, crisp title that informs the reader about what the paper is about, improved from your prior submission.]
  • 2. A single paragraph summarizing your proposed paper
    • [A paragraph of no more than 250 words that is crisp, well proofread and edited, and introduces the paper to your reader. Improved from your prior submission]
  • 3. An outline
    • [An outline includes bullet points, starts with an introduction, then proceeds with various points/sections, then ends with a conclusion. It is not a rough draft. The bullet points include enough information so the reader knows what your points are. An outline includes an introduction, conclusion, and points in between.]
    • 1. Introduction (with a hint of conclusion?)
    • 2. Point 1 (start with points of law)
    • 3. Point 2.
    • 4. Point 3.
    • x. Other points as needed
    • x. Conclusion (don't break new ground)
  • 4. A list of references you have reviewed thus far
    • [References you have read, your substantial research, which has progressed considerably from your prior submission]
    • [Relevant research notes]
    • [List any consultations with with school library and writing center (including date/time/person)]
  • 5. Any comments or questions for me

5. Writing resources include

6. Research resources include

  • Course book
  • Syllabus materials
  • This website
  • Laws, regulations, cases
  • Other experts
  • The school's library

7. Other links

Posted 6/26/2022 based on years of teaching. Updated 10/30/2022