My personal coupon code at the Infosec Institute

I have created a wonderful course on privacy and cybersecurity law which also helps prepare learners for the IAPP CIPP/US certification exam on privacy.  The material is about US privacy law and practice, which includes cybersecurity law. Now I have a personal coupon code for Infosec Skills that anyone can use to subscribe and access my course plus over a thousand others. Learn more about CIPP/US here, IAPP stands for International Association of Privacy Professionals, and CIPP/US stands for Certified Information Privacy Professional, United States.

My CIPP/US course at Infosec

My course is through Infosec Institute and their Infosec Skills program, and is but one of over 1,300 that they offer, all geared for information security professionals. Mine is for infosec pros plus anyone interested in privacy and studying for the CIPP/US exam.

These Infosec Skills instruction blocks are technically called "learning paths", and a path is made up of multiple courses. For example, my CIPP/US learning path is made up of 7 courses. First I built an introductory course to prepare you as I introduce privacy, law, and share some learning and exam taking tips. Then each of the five CIPP/US domains is a course and we walk through that body of knowledge. At the end comes a wrap-up course to solidify things, plus an optional practical exercise and then over 200 practice multiple choice questions (many of which incorporate my unique brand of humor to help you get through them). I suggest following the learning path from start to finish, but you could sample various courses and videos as you see fit.

Other learning on the Infosec platform

On their platform are many other expert instructors teaching great courses. Interested in one of the many CompTIA certifications, such as Security+, Network+, or A+? Or dozens of other certifications including for CISSP, CISM, CISA, CASP+, plus lots of other knowledge? You will find it on the platform, including courses by Mike Meyers, an experienced professional for online course delivery and who wrote three books sitting in my bookshelf.

Create a free account

You can create a free account to trial my course (and many others) through this link, which will take you to a page to create a free account. See the bottom for links and screenshots for my course page and author page at Infosec Inc.

If you decide to purchase a subscription, be sure to use my discount code of  BANDLER50  to get half-off your purchase. You can apply the code to either a monthly or annual subscription.

Here's how the BANDLER50 discount code works

Infosec Skills by Infosec Inc. is subscription based -- monthly or annually. You can get a free 7-day trial subscription, which I highly recommend so that you can see if it is right for you. That's what I did before agreeing to prepare my course for them. I reviewed the content on their platform, and there are many talented pros delivering great material (including Mike Meyers and many others). Of course, not everything on there is of exact equal quality, nor is every course an enthralling thrill ride, providing the same adrenaline rush as the Skyrush or Farenheit roller coasters. But you get to review it for free with no obligation for 7 days.

While subscribed, you get full access to all of their course offerings, including my CIPP/US privacy course. Check their site for full terms and updated pricing, but last I checked an annual subscription is $599, and monthly it is $99. So if you think you will use it for more than six months, then the annual plan seems more cost effective.

If you use my discount code you get 50% off your initial purchase. That means if you purchase an annual subscription you get $299.50 off, and if you purchase a monthly subscription you get $49.50 off.

Again, with any subscription you get full and unlimited access to all course offerings.  All subscriptions get all access, including when you use the discount code. You are not limited to just my course. So there is no downside to using the discount code, only upside with 50% off. Your decision is just whether this is worth the expenditure for you.

Conclusion and disclaimer

It's a great course, I put a lot of effort into it and did my best, and you can test it out for free. The Infosec platform has over a thousand other courses, and you get unlimited access.

Full disclosure (and as you probably already surmised) I have a business interest based upon receipt of author royalties and commissions, including your use of my discount code. That said:

  • I believe studying for and obtaining the IAPP CIPP/US certification is a valuable endeavor (otherwise I would not have it myself nor have created a course to prepare for it).
  • I feel that I provide important knowledge in the course -- even if you are not interested in the certification.
  • Further, I think the Infosec Institute (Infosec Inc.) is a good organization providing important learning materials, or I would not have partnered with them to create this course.
    • Still, they are a separate entity, and when you visit their website, create an account with them, or obtain a subscription from them, that is an agreement and relationship between you and them.
    • Of course, I do want to hear about your experiences with them and my course, so feel free to drop a note and let me know how it is going.


This page is hosted at Copyright John Bandler, all rights reserved. No claim to IAPP materials or Infosec materials. Thanks to Infosec for the website screenshots and embedded video.

Page posted 01/05/2022. Updated 01/17/2022.

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See my course landing page, author page, and create a free trial account. Remember discount code Bandler50.

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Then create a free account to trial my course (and many others) through this link to, which will take you to an Infosec page to create a free account.

If you decide to purchase a subscription use my discount code of  BANDLER50.

What other courses can coupon code Bandler50 get access to?

This discount code is good for:

  • Over 1,300 learning paths.
  • Dozens of other certification prep courses, including those from ISC2, IAPP, EC-Council, CompTIA, AWS, CISCO, ISACA, and more.
  • Certifications include: CIPP/US, CIPP/E, CISSP, CCSP, ISSEP, ISSAP, CISA, CISM, CRISC, CCNA, CEH, CCFE, ITIL, CASP+, CySA+, PenTest+, Security +, Network+, A+, and more.
  • Plus other learning content and cyber ranges that are not related to certifications.