AI's promise and problem for law and learning

By John Bandler

Published February 21, 2024, Reuters Legal NewsJohn Bandler, Esq., Bandler Law Firm PLLC, AI’s promise and problem for law and learning, Reuters Legal News

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the latest technological tool and the debates are ongoing about future legal and societal implications. Maybe AI will make everything better and improve our lives and solve the world's ills. Maybe it will cause the end of human existence. Or somewhere in between.

Like every tool, AI can be used for good or bad, either intentionally or unknowingly.

Consider the hammer — an essential tool that is millions of years old — helpful for driving nails into wood and shaping metal. An expert carpenter or metal worker swings it effortlessly and observes the result after each strike. Used improperly you can accidentally break a thumb or tooth. Carried by a criminal gang member it is a deadly and illegal weapon for an assault.

Similarly, AI has benefits but can be misused.


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