Building and updating organization policies and procedures

By John BandlerBuilding and updating organization policies and procedures, By John Bandler, Published June 18, 2024, Reuters Legal News

Published June 18, 2024, Reuters Legal News

Organizations of every type need to create and update their policies, procedures, and other governance documents.

We call this "policy work" but recognize it is about more than just policies. These internal documents come in all sizes and forms and are essential to manage and lead the organization. They may be required for compliance too.

Organizations need to manage themselves appropriately and efficiently which will require creation and maintenance of policies and procedures. These documents and other internal rules help the organization comply with legal requirements and accomplish the mission.

Cybersecurity and other aspects of managing information systems require effective governance and compliance processes to satisfy increasing legal requirements and to ensure efficient business operations.


See some nice images (courtesy of my new book on Policies and Procedures) on my Five Components for Policy Work and Three Platforms to Connect.

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