Cybersecurity for the Home and Office

The Lawyer's Guide to Taking Charge of Your Own Information Security

By John Bandler

  • ISBN-10: 1634259076
  • ISBN-13: 978-1634259071

Available for purchase from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the ABA Store.

This book can help anyone take charge of their cybersecurity and privacy, and provides a solid understanding of cybercrime, privacy threats, information security, technology, and evolving legal and regulatory requirements. It teaches the reader about computers and networks, and then guides the user through implementation of security and privacy measures to protect the individual, home, and family. Then these principles are applied to the workplace, and an overview is provided of the law and professional responsibility requirements.

Readers of any technical skill level can take charge of their own cybersecurity and privacy in a methodical manner. Information security can seem overwhelming, but this book presents it in simple steps—first develop knowledge and awareness, then secure your computing devices, then your data, then your networks. These are my four pillars of security.

This book is for anyone, and draws upon my experience, training, research, and study. It also had the benefit of talented editors and readers.

This book is published by the American Bar Association and is available through may outlets, including the ABA, Amazon, Barnes & Noble. and more.

Technology and the internet is here to stay, along with cybercrime and other privacy threats. Each of us needs to take charge of our own technology, cybersecurity, and privacy. If you haven't started yet, you have to start somewhere, and everyone and every organization has room for improvement. This book can help you with that.

Table of Contents (links will take you to my other site)


1. The Need for Cybersecurity (Introduction)
2. The Black Market for Your Data: The Cybercrime Economy
3. Advertising: Another Market for Your Data
4. Basic Information Security Principles
5. Basic Computer Principals
6. Basic Networking and the Internet
7. Start Securing Yourself
8. Secure Your Devices
9. Secure Your Data
10. Secure Your Network and Internet Use
11. Secure Your Family, Children, and Seniors
12. Secure Yourself When You Travel
13. Secure the Work Office
14. The Law, and the Role and Responsibilities of Lawyers
15. Troubleshooting and Responding to Your Own Incidents
16. Conclusion


1. Your Cybersecurity Posture and Awareness (Quiz)
2. Cybersecurity Threats and Risks You Face (Quiz)
3. Your Cybersecurity Dial
4. Cybersecurity Myths
5. How Computers Count and Why You Might Care
6. Smartphone and Tablet Decommissioning Checklist
7. Laptop and Desktop Decommissioning Checklist
8. View Data Flowing Across Your Network
9. Additional Resources and Bibliography
10. Home Device Inventory (form)
11. Personal Device and Data Summary (form)
12. Personal Data Summary (form)
13. Home Network and Internet Summary (form)

I have a separate website devoted to this book which includes additional resources, photos, forms, acknowledgment of those who helped, and more, at