Cybersecurity forms for the home or small office

These forms can help you assess and and take charge of your security. We need to know what we have (our information assets) in order to protect them. These forms help you inventory devices, data, then networks.

Cybersecurity forms for home or small office
Cybersecurity forms for home or small office

Print these forms to paper, fill them in, and store in a safe place. Of course, any passwords must be stored securely.

Form 1: Cybersecurity Forms Explained and Checklist

Form 2: Personal Primary Device and Data Account Summary

Form 3: Personal Data summary

Form 4: Home Device (computer) Inventory

Form 5: Personal Email & Internet Account Inventory

Form 6: Network and Internet Summary

I originally created these forms for my first book, Cybersecurity for the Home and Office. Back then the publisher modified them heavily for printing, so I made them available on my book website. Now they are available here, and I periodically update and improve them.

These are just to get you started. More on doing information asset inventories here:

Small organizations can use these forms too. They need a policy too, and for those that cannot afford to hire professionals, see my Free Cybersecurity Policy.

You may reproduce these forms for non-commercial use for yourself or your small business, but please credit me. If you are interested in using these for commercial use, please contact me. Suggestions to improve these forms are welcomed.

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Posted May 2021 (building off of forms on my other site, and from my 2017 book). Updated 7/19/2023.