A Day in the Life of an Attorney:

The Cybersecurity, Technology, and Crime Risks We Face.

By John Bandler

(Originally published in the July 2018 NYSBA Journal, and now reproduced here. This article is not updated but remains timely)

Attorneys face cybercrime threats every day that jeopardize our practice, clients, and family. This is true for solo practitioners and members of large firms, representing individuals or multi-national conglomerates, and in all practice areas. Knowledge, awareness, and effort are required to protect from cybercrime and fraud threats.

We will view a day in the life of Lex, our fictional lawyer, to illustrate the threats to our professional and personal lives, and see how crime, cybersecurity, information security, technology, and safety are related and enmeshed in our lives.

The day begins


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Original article published July 2018, NYSBA Journal, and now hosted here at Bandler NYSBA Journal Jul 2018 Day in Life of Attorney Cybersecurity

This article is static and will not be updated.

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