Network Cybersecurity in Your Home and Office

Network cybersecurity home office article Bandler
Network cybersecurity home office article Bandler

by John Bandler

(Originally published 2018 ABA GP Solo and now reproduced here. This article is not updated but remains relevant)

A short while ago we all became network administrators without realizing it and without much training. Before that, we owned a single computer that connected to the Internet with a telephone line, and data flowed between the computer and the Internet through that cord. Eventually we got broadband Internet, and then the number of our computer devices began to multiply and they all needed Internet access, and physical connections were inconvenient. WiFi networking was born, soon became commonplace, and now is a necessity. It allows multitudes of devices to share Internet access, along with other resources such as printers and stored data.

Many purchased a WiFi router and were more concerned with getting it to “work” than with making it secure. We set it up quickly, connected our devices to it, they were magically able to access the Internet, and then we forgot about it. Security was less than an afterthought—it was a neverthought—and many were unaware of the privacy and security risks.

The potential harm was evident to me when I was a junior prosecutor trying to identify a cybercriminal who—among other things—exploited this risk. ...


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Originally published by the American Bar Association GP SOLO Magazine, March/April 2018, Vol 35 No. 2.

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