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I have created a new course at Udemy to introduce many aspects of law to everyone.

Introduction to Law course by John Bandler
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This course is for anyone who wants to learn about law and there are no prerequisites.

Why you should take the course

Law affects us all personally and professionally. Further, we are a nation of laws and democracy, so our citizenry should have basic knowledge of the system of rules for our society and government. If you live in the United States this basic foundation in legal knowledge is important for you and the country.

Why I built the course

I have been teaching for several years now in a variety of courses involving law. I realized students needed some introductory information about law to help them reach the more complex legal concepts the courses focus on, so I built out material for them and updated it each semester. I have built other talks and courses for a variety of learners and incorporated legal knowledge into it.

Eventually I realized this information could be shared with a broader audience, and I wanted to try another platform (Udemy). In this online setting, my lectures are planned, recorded, and then available for anyone who desires to see it, anywhere in the world, and at a fantastic value for the learner. The reach can be broader (and I don't have to grade, which is my least favorite aspect of formal education teaching!).

Value for you the student

I think this course is an excellent value. I believe I am well qualified to teach it, and have honed my material over many years and provide it in a simple, straightforward, and streamlined manner. We cover a lot of material in a short time, but you have the rewind button and supplementary free articles that I have written, refined, and continually improve.

I priced the course low -- as low as Udemy allows. Because of the length of the course (over 2 hours), I could not offer it for free under Udemy's rules. I also realize that for some, "free" means less valuable and less "buy-in". So there is a cost, but I believe the value is good for the student. Low cost for a lot of knowledge delivered efficiently and clearly.

Coupon code

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I may occasionally put coupon codes here for the course. (Please check their expiration date before using).

** Coupon code 4964142EA1BFAD1B35DD ** Expires 11/27/2022

**  Click this link to Udemy which has the coupon code embedded. ** Expires 11/27/2022

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Also realize that Udemy occasionally discounts the price as part of their normal promotional process.

Even without any coupon code or promotional discount, this course is an excellent value, and I priced it as low as I could for a course of this length.

Value for me

I receive some author royalties and commissions for the course and use of any discount codes, coupon codes, or referral links. This financial remuneration will be quite small, especially given the modest course price. (FYI, the financial remuneration I receive when I teach in a law school, graduate school, or undergraduate school is extremely low also). So the value for me is not financial, but the feeling that I have provided valuable knowledge to a broad audience on a subject that is important. Law can seem confusing to non-lawyers and I hope to dispel that. If you find my work valuable, I would ask that you take a moment to provide value back to me with a mention of positive feedback.


I think I built a great course to learn about law. I put a lot of effort and time into it, and look forward to seeing how this foray into a new teaching modality works out.


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