Acknowledgements for the Book, Cybercrime Investigations

There are many people who made this book possible and contributed to it, reading chapters, providing valuable feedback, and bringing diverse expertise in areas that included investigations from all perspectives, cybercrime, cybersecurity, law, consulting, business, editing, and even art.

Tracy Suhr provided invaluable and detailed assistance in all the areas of the book, including cybercrime, law, investigations, and editing and grammar. This book is vastly improved thanks to her. We had the privilege to work with her at the New York County District Attorney's Office (DANY), where she rose to become Deputy Bureau Chief of the Cybercrime and Identity Theft Bureau.

Rob Bandler, John’s cousin, former Deputy Director of IT Security at Cornell University and career IT professional, made the book better from start to finish, providing valuable assistance throughout on both subject matter and editing.

Christopher Jones gave extensive help throughout as well.

Many others helped to make this book possible, reading chapters, providing valuable feedback, and bringing diverse expertise in areas that included cybersecurity, cybercrime, law, business, and editing. They include: William Darrow, Robert Barnsby, J-Michael RobertsBret RubinStephen HinesJoshua LaroccaNicolette Endara-Popovitch, and more.

Special thanks to Charles D. Tansey whose magnificent cartoon characters grace our diagrams. Art is but one of his many talents, and we are grateful for the chance to use his work in this book. The book is innovative in how it lays out a number of concepts in an understandable and engaging way, one method is our diagrams and cartoons.

We have worked a lot of investigations and cybercrime cases, including the "Western Express" case you will read about in this book. We learned much along the way. None of that – and none of this book – could have been possible without the many dedicated professionals with whom we worked. We thank the paralegals, analysts, police officers, detectives, investigators, special agents, prosecutors, victims, private sector investigators, and corporations who helped us build cases and become better investigators. Notably, the United States Secret Service was an integral investigative partner in the Western Express case. We are grateful to the late Robert Morgenthau who hired us at the Manhattan District Attorney's office where we served with dedicated professionals. John is also grateful he was able to start his service in the criminal justice system in the New York State Police alongside some of the finest members of law enforcement.

For all of those who helped, the usual disclaimers apply -- they get credit for the good, but no blame for anything that's not, this was their personal help with no connection to their employer.

(As published in 2020)

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