Cybersecurity, Cybercrimes, and Investigations

a CompTIA Luncheon on Wednesday, December 8, 2021 

This webpage accompanies a luncheon hosted by CompTIA on December 8, 2021 for executives and leaders in the information technology field. It was invitation only, held at one of the most celebrated event venues in New York State. I was honored to be asked to moderate the discussion and that it was built around my work and recent book on Cybercrime Investigations.

CompTIA is a leading non-profit organization devoted to the information technology sector, and they offer industry leading technology certifications. I am proud to hold five of them! (Not bad for a lawyer, see my About page to see which I hold).

Luncheon Topics

  • Introductions and setting the stage
  • Why does cybercrime flourish?
    • Practical effects upon your business
  • What are the legal duties for cybersecurity, and why are they increasing?
    • Practical effects
  • How do legal duties extend to cybercrime investigation and reporting?
    • Practical effects
  • Is “reasonable cybersecurity” and “reasonable cybercrime investigation” an adequate legal and practical standard?
  • Summing up government duties and private sector duties to protect against and investigate cybercrime. Is there any other way?

Luncheon Takeaways

  1. Know what legal standards, laws, and regulations apply to your organization regarding cybersecurity measures and cybercrime reporting.
  2. Comply with these legal requirements, demonstrate compliance, and protect from cybercrime.
  3. Review internal rules (policies, etc.) to ensure they align with external rules.
  4. Review action (practice) to ensure it aligns with internal policy and law.
  5. Prepare and plan for cybercrime response, then prioritize to prevent the need.

The handout for this event is available by clicking * here * or the screenshot image.  

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Posted 12/07/2021. Updated 12/07/2021.