Cybersecurity for Your Small Business: Protect Your Organization and Comply with Legal Obligations

This webpage was created for a presentation by John Bandler on May 26, 2021, hosted by Pace University's Small Business Development Center (SBDC), as a complimentary benefit for small businesses.

The Pace SBDC links to register for this webinar were:

After the event, a recording of the presentation was made available online via the Pace SBDC at

Webinar materials and reference include:

Short informational articles about the three priority cybercrimes to protect against:

Cybersecurity related forms you can use to identify and list the information assets in your home or small organization.

More of John's articles and information about his books are available at: Information about John's services is available here.

Additional info:

I graduated from Pace University's law school (now called The Elisabeth Haub School of Law) in 2002. Now, I teach courses at Pace U. about the intersections of cybercrime, cybersecurity, law, and technology (one course per year at the law school and one course at the Seidenberg school of Computer Science and Information Systems). It has also been wonderful to connect with various Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), including the SBDC hosted at Pace's Lubin School of Business. New York State has a network of SBDCs, which work with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), and provide many valuable and free resources for small business owners.

Small businesses represent an essential part of our economy yet face significant cybercrime threats while working with limited resources. It is a pleasure to help small businesses protect themselves with this free and valuable webinar and accompanying materials. Every organization -- whatever the size -- needs to take reasonable steps to protect themselves from cybercrime. My writings and philosophy are ideal for small businesses for creating and improving their cybersecurity programs.

Posted 5/22/2021. Updated 7/8/2021.