Ethics, Cybersecurity, and the Law: Protecting Yourself, Your Organization, and Your Family (2021)


NOTE: This page was created for a 2021 presentation which is now an annual event and I improve it each year.

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This webpage was created for a presentation by John Bandler on May 5, 2021, hosted by Pace University, as a complimentary benefit for the Pace community. All attendees will obtain valuable knowledge about cybersecurity and law. Attorneys will earn one continuing legal education (CLE) credit in Ethics.

The Pace Law link for this webinar was:

CLE Materials include

A PDF of the slide deck was available for download shortly before and after the presentation via this webpage.

Speaker biography (hosted at the Pace Law website)

Cybersecurity Tips from John Bandler (one page tipsheet)

Short informational articles about the three priority cybercrimes to protect against:

Cybersecurity related forms you can use to list the information assets in your home or small organization.

Longer articles about cybersecurity and lawyers

ABA Formal Opinions

More of John's articles and information about his books are available a:

About Pace and this CLE

Pace University's law school is called The Elisabeth Haub School of Law, and I graduated from there in 2002. Now, I teach one course per year at the law school and one at the Seidenberg school of Computer Science and Information Systems.

Some enterprising folks at the law school provide a tremendous benefit for Pace Law Alumni -- periodic free CLE webinars -- and this presentation is a part of that.

Uniquely, this presentation was made available to the entire Pace U. community since it offers important information about law and cybersecurity which is valuable to both lawyers and non-lawyers. It is a pleasure to be a part of this program and to make this contribution to the Pace community.

Posted 4/29/2021. Not kept fully current, but Updated 12/26/2021 to fix some outdated ABA links.

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