Media mentions and appearances

John is regularly consulted and quoted in various media based on his experiences with cybersecurity, cybercrime, criminal justice, law, and more. A sampling of some of the mentions is below (links take you to the external news site).


I believe in the importance of our free press and good journalism. I try to help journalists understand the issues, law, facts and present my perspective so they can do their job well when presenting to their audience. Hopefully they have done good research into the facts and spoken to many sources of information and insight.

Sometimes I provide them with an opinion based upon information provided to me. Of course, my opinion is based on information provided to me, and could change if additional facts are learned or presented.

I do not control anything the journalist writes or does, nor their opinions, nor what their editor and publisher does. Thus, my listing of media mentions does not imply approval of the article, nor of how I was quoted. I might share hundreds or thousands of words with a reporter on a particular inquiry and it is their choice what they choose to quote and why. My hope is that I influenced their reporting in a positive way.

Where I have added a short blurb, that is my short summary of my takeaway, not necessarily the reporter's quoting of me nor the reporter's takeaway.

This page is hosted at Copyright John Bandler, all rights reserved. Of course, no claim to the work of others linked to.

Updated 1/4/2023.