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by John BandlerA brief history of virtual currency by John Bandler

This virtual currency presentation landing page is a clean[ish] compilation of various links and references that I refer to when speaking on virtual currency, cryptocurrency, and money laundering.

After you review the below links, take a look at my main article on virtual currency, which also includes many of the below references and links.

Legal references and links

Articles and books

YouTube videos on money laundering

Fun YouTube videos, excerpted from some really good TV. Watch the clip, then you may decide to watch more. Consider how the typologies for virtual currency and cybercrime money laundering will differ from cash money laundering depicted in these videos.

  • Breaking Bad, a criminal defense attorney (who is also a criminal) explains money laundering.
    • YouTube title: Breaking Bad, Saul explains money laundering – subtitle
    • Breaking Bad, Season 3, Episode 9, “Kafkaesque,” High Bridge Entertainment/Grand Via Productions/Sony Pictures Television, 2010.
  • Breaking Bad, money laundering wife explains to husband the difficulties laundering all their dirty cash.
    • YouTube title: Breaking Bad: The Fifth Season - How Much Is Enough?.
    • Breaking Bad, Season 5, Episode 8,  "Gliding Over All”, High Bridge/Sony Pictures.
  • The Wire, Baltimore detectives follow the money trail to see who is really profiting from street drug dealing.
    • YouTube title: The Wire - Chasing the Paper Trail
    • The Wire, Season 1, Episode 9, “Game Day,” Blown Deadline Productions/HBO, 2002.
  • Scarface, a ridiculous 80’s music video montage that shows laundering of cash criminal proceeds.
    • YouTube title: Scarface | Push It to the Limit
    • Scarface, Universal Pictures, 1983.
  • Ozark Official Season 1 Trailer
    • I need to mention Ozark, but should mention that I lost interest sometime after Season 1
    • YouTube title: Ozark | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
  • Global Witness, Undercover in New York

Also worth a watch or read on cryptocurrency, NFTs, etc.

Yes, all the above are critical of the recent hype on cryptocurrency and NFT's.

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