Cybercrime Investigation Presentation Landing Page

by John Bandler

Cybercrime investigations presentation by John Bandler

This cybercrime investigation landing page is a clean(ish) compilation of various links and references that I refer to when speaking about cybercrime investigation.

Cybercrime and its investigation ties into cybersecurity and law, resources on that below:

The Book

Cybercrime Investigations: A Comprehensive Resource for Everyone Cybercrime investigations presentation by John Bandler

Key features of this book include:

  • Understanding cybercrime, computers, forensics, and cybersecurity
  • Law for the cybercrime investigator, including cybercrime offenses; cyber evidence-gathering; criminal, private and regulatory law, and nation-state implications
  • Cybercrime investigation from three key perspectives: law enforcement, private sector, and regulatory
  • Financial investigation
  • Identification (attribution) of cyber-conduct
  • Apprehension
  • Litigation in the criminal and civil arenas
  • Interesting vignettes.

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