Practical Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Compliance (a presentation)

This webpage accompanies a presentation by John Bandler on October 26, 2022, titled Practical Cybersecurity and Privacy: Law, Action, Compliance, and Governance. This talk will not be recorded.

Small and medium sized businesses need to protect themselves from cybercrime, comply with growing legal requirements on cybersecurity, data breach notification and privacy, and (of course) ensure they achieve their mission. In this presentation we will cover practical aspects, including Bandler's Three Platforms to Connect for compliance and the Five Components for Policy Work.

Webinar materials and reference include

Law resources

Cybersecurity and cybercrime resources

Cybersecurity related forms you can use to identify and list the information assets in your home or small organization.

Governance and policy work

John's services

John's online courses on privacy and law

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Posted 10/25/2022. Updated 10/26/2022.