Cybersecurity for Lawyers: Secure Yourself, Your Firm, and Clients (2024 CLE for TRTCLE)

This is a landing page for my live CLE program hosted by TRTCLE, and contains CLE materials helpful for any attorney.

My courses run throughout 2024, a monthly live presentation on select Fridays from 3pm to 4pm Eastern Time via webinar.

I present valuable knowledge about cybersecurity, law, and professional responsibilities for attorneys.

Attorneys will earn 1 CLE credit, see the TRTCLE site for details.

The TRTCLE landing page to sign up for this CLE can be found by first going to my faculty page and scrolling down for the next live CLE presentation.TRT CLE John Bandler author page

CLE Materials include

Externally published articles by John about cybersecurity, law, and lawyers
ABA Model Rules
ABA Formal Opinions
NYS Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys

The NYS Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys is found in the New York Code of Rules and Regulations (NYCRR) Title 22 (Judiciary) Part 1200 (Rules of Professional Conduct). Or, for short, 22 NYCRR 1200. Relevant are portions on the attorney duties of confidentiality, competence and more. You can find the rules here:

NYS cybersecurity CLE requirement (order signed 6/10/2022, effective 1/1/2023 and 7/1/2023)

Attorneys admitted in NYS now must earn CLE in cybersecurity

NYSBA's 2020 recommendation about cybersecurity training (their recommendation became a rule, so just see the rule above)
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John's CLEs for attorneys on cybersecurity

In 2017 my first book was published, Cybersecurity for the Home and Office, The Lawyer's Guide to Taking Charge of Your Own Information Security, from the American Bar Association (ABA).

Since then I have been providing continuing legal education (CLE) to attorneys about securing their information assets.

Some are afraid of technology and cybersecurity but should not be. It is a learning process and everyone can learn and improve.

See my main page on cybersecurity for attorneys.


TRTCLE offers online continuing legal education for attorneys in all U.S. states, districts and territories. They offer excellent value and many quality instructors and courses.

If you enroll in my CLE course with TRTCLE, that will be a relationship between you and them, governed by their terms of use and service. Of course I want that experience to be excellent, so feel free to send me a note to let me know how it went for you.

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Posted 6/15/2023 (building on prior years' work). Updated 7/20/2024.